All places I have visited in Japan - sorted by prefecture

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Domo arigato.

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Aichi Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture

Fukui Prefecture

Fukuoka Prefecture

Gifu Prefecture

Hiroshima Prefecture


Hyōgo Prefecture

Ishikawa Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture

Kagawa Prefecture

Kagoshima Prefecture

Kanagawa Prefecture

Kobe (Hyōgo Prefecture)

Kumamoto Prefecture

Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto (Kyoto Prefecture)

Mie Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture

Nagano Prefecture

Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture)

Nara (Nara Prefecture)

Nara Prefecture

Niigata Prefecture

Ogaswara Islands (administered by Tokyo)

Okayama Prefecture

Okinawa Prefecture

Oita Prefecture

Osaka (Osaka Prefecture)

Saitama Prefecture

Shiga Prefecture

Shimane Prefecture

Shizuoka Prefecture

Tochigi Prefecture

Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolis)

Tokyo Metropolis

Toyama Prefecture

Wakayama Prefecture

Yamaguchi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture

Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture)

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