Tojinbo Cliffs

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  • Tojinbo Cliffs in Fukui Prefecture

    Tojinbo Cliffs in Fukui Prefecture

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Facts & Figures

The Tojinbo Cliffs are one of the most popular nature spots in Japan and they belong to the Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National Park. The Tojinbo Cliffs within the Fukui Prefecture are truly spectacular. The cliffs reaching a height of 25 meters above sea level and stretching over a kilometer. You can explore this place without any restrictions as long as you maintain a safe distance to the marked areas. Protruding out into the Sea of Japan, these cliffs are famed both for their beauty and tragedy. Japan Rail Pass Buy now and Save >
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The beauty of the cliffs is pretty self-explanatory, the cliffs stand tall against the raging foaming waves of the Japan Sea and they are so strangely shaped that they give the area an otherworldly look that can only be appreciated in person. This pillar-shaped rock formation is so unique that it can only be found in two other places in the world. These two places that have this rare terrain and scenic views are the Norwegian West coast and the Mount Kumgag situated on the Korean peninsula. Despite the beauty of the area, the Tojinbo Cliffs are also associated with yearly suicides along the coast. My tip: Go on board of a sightseeing boat and enjoy the half-hour tour, which are offered in the morning and beginning of the afternoon. Look out for unique rock formations and shapes like the Candle Rock and Lion Rock. Btw the trip includes its neighboring island Oshima.

  • Tojinbo Cliffs
  • Open - always
  • Admission Fee - free
  • Tojinbo Tower
  • Opening Hours - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (whole year)
  • Admission Fee - 500 yen (Adults), 300 yen (Children)


The Tojinbo Cliffs in northern part of Fukui Prefecture dating back to a volcanic eruption about 12 to 13 million years ago. Legend has it that the strange formation of the cliffs was brought about by the vengeful ghost of a Buddhist monk named Tojinbo. It is said that the monk Tojinbo moved to the area after he fell in love with a beautiful princess from the region known as Princess Aya. According to locals, Tojinbo was pushed over the cliffs by an adversary of Princess Aya who also happened to be an admirer of the monk. The legend states that Tojinbo’s vengeful ghost has been roaming the cliffs ever since and that every year on the day of his death, the spirit causes the weather to change paving way for strong winds and heavy rains that have helped the cliffs attain their strange form.


Map of Japan

Tojinbo Cliffs are located at the Sea of Japan in the northern part of the Fukui Prefecture within the Chubu region.
Address: Anto, Sakai city, 913-0064 Fukui Prefecture

How to get to Tojinbo Cliffs?

  • 45min from Fukui Station served by Echizen Railway to Mikuniminato Station and
  • 10min from Mikuniminato Station to Tojinbo bus stop served by Keifuku bus

Sightseeing spots


Trails along the ciffs - There are several trails that are designated for visitors along the volcanic embankment which allow anyone to explore the cliffs safely.

Tojinbo Tower - The tower with its height of 55m offers amazing views over the Sea of Japan. You can see from the observation deck for example the mouth of Kuzuryugawa River, Mt. Hakusan, Jingaoka Tableland, Oshima Island, Echizen Cape and Mt. Hakusan. The tower also houses a statue with the name Hotei. It is the god of contentment and happiness. When couples go there it will bring them luck in love. The tower was built in 1964.

Tojinbo Shopping Street - Within a 3min walk from the cliffs you will find this nice shopping street with great restaurants. Check out the Yamani Suisan, which is famous for the Kaisendon (seafood rice bowl). You can find this place easily, just look out for a huge crab sign :)

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Mikuni Matsuri (doll float) in Sakai City located near Tojinbo Cliffs (19th - 21st)
The Mikuni Festival is famous as one of the three biggest festivals in the Hokuriku district. You can easily access this place by a ten minutes walk from Mikunijinja Station served by Echzen Railways. Enjoy the parade through the streets of Mikuni town with six floats carrying warrior dolls as high as 6 meters. You can also find there 400 open-air stalls known as - Roten - along the 2 kilometers approach to the Mikuni Shrine.

Where to stay near Tojinbo Cliffs?

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