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  • Izu Peninsula Coastline Of Dogashima

  • Dogashima Sightseeing Boats

  • Boats Tour Along The Dogashima Coastline

  • Izu Peninsula Dogashima Coastline

  • Izu Peninsula Dogashima Coastline

  • Izu Peninsula Impressive Coastline Of Dogashima

  • Cave Entrance Along The Dogashima Coastline

  • Large Cave Tensodo Along The Dogashima Coastline

  • Izu Peninsula Impressive Coastline Of Dogashima

  • Shimoda Floating Aquarium

  • Izu Peninsula Buddha Statue In Shimoda

  • Shimoda City Izu Peninsula

  • Izu Peninsula Coastline Near Shimoda City

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Facts & Figures

Dogashima is one of the most popular spots on the west coast of the Izu peninsula. The coastline there is famous for towering cliffs, uniquely-shaped rocks, caves and small islands. Japan Rail Pass Since 2004 I have traveled nearly every year to Japan. The rail pass made my life easier to discover all those amazing places in my favorite country.
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Past volcanic eruptions created the beautiful coastline of Dogashima. Lava flows and the erosion by the sea made this area an unique tourist destination.


Map of Japan

Dogashima is located within the Shizuoka prefecture at the Izu peninsula.

How to get to Dogashima?

  • 50min from Tokyo to Atami Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen
  • 90min from Atami Station to Shimoda by local train
  • 1hr from Shimoda to Dogashima by Tokai bus

Sightseeing spots


Dogashima Island Caves Tour - dont miss to include the Tenso-do Cave in the boat sightseeing tour. The cave has a huge natural hole in the roof.

low tide walk - walk from Sehama-kaigan coast to Sanshirou-jima island

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)

Where to stay in Dogashima?

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