Toba City in Mie Prefecture

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  • Toba City MapToba City Map

    Toba City Map

  • Toba City

    Toba City

  • Toba Bay Sakatecho

    Toba Bay Sakatecho

  • Toba Bay Sakatecho

    Toba Mikimoto Pearl Island

  • Toba Port Isewan Ferry

    Toba Port Isewan Ferry

  • Toba Aquarium

    Toba Aquarium

  • Toba Aquarium

    Toba Aquarium

  • Toba Aquarium

    Toba Aquarium

  • Toba Aquarium

    Toba Aquarium

  • Joan-ji Temple in Toba

    Joan-ji Temple in Toba

  • Toba Ocean View

    Toba Ocean View

  • Toba City Park

    Toba City Park

  • Toba City Park

    Toba City Park

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Facts & Figures

Toba City faces Ise Bay and is located in the Mie Prefecture near the famous Ise Grand Shrine (Ise Jingu) at the northeastern end of the Shima Peninsula. The city has a population of 17,741 with a total area of 108 square kilometers. 70% of it is covered by forest. This beautiful coastal port city has many things to offer like the Toba Aquarium, Mikimoto Pearl Island (Mikimoto Shinju-to Island), Pearl Museum, Kokichi Mikimoto Museum, and the Toba Observatory Ama Terrace. Toba includes also 4 inhabited islands, which are Kamishima, Toshijima, Sakatejima, and Sugashima Islands. It is the perfect starting point to explore the Ise-Shima National Park. Toba is famous for its Mikimoto pearls (cultured pearls). The city is also known for the Ama, which are about 500 female divers harvesting seasonal shellfish and seaweed in depths of up to 20 meters. This sometimes dangerous tradition has been kept alive here for over 2000 years. Every morning they start their dive for 1,5 hrs. This unique experience can be explored via a private tour. Click here for more details. Btw you cannot leave Toba without trying a huge variety of seafood, including abalone and Ise spiny lobster, as well as local dishes. Or book a Toba Bay Cruise and enjoy for one relaxing hour the scenery. Best Ryokans in Ise and Toba Experience the Ultimate Japanese Hospitality at a Ise and Toba Ryokan.
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My tips for local activities

Ama culture in Toba

How about exploring the fascinating Ama culture and the Ise Grand Shrine on a personalized tour with a local guide? For more details check out this page >


Toba was a former castle town and it was ruled by the Kuki clan from the 16th century. Some historic sites related to the Kuki clan can be found here like the ruins of Toba Castle, Joanji Temple, and the grave of Kuki Yoshitaka (1542 - 1600), a prominent pirate warlord and samurai in Shima Province. For centuries this area has been known for its Onsen (hot springs) culture and the high-quality water is a joy for locals and tourists alike. In 1954 after a merge of 5 villages, Toba got the city status. Since 2019 the female Ama divers and related sites in Toba and Shima Cities have been put on the Japan Heritage List by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


Map of Japan

Toba city is located at the Shima Peninsula in the southern part of Mie Prefecture within the Ise-Shima National Park and about 15 km east of Ise city.
Address: Toba City Tourist Information Center - 1-chome−8−13, Toba, Mie, 517-0011, Japan

How to get to Toba?

  • 100min from Tokyo to Nagoya by JR Tokaido Shinkansen and
  • 80min from Nagoya to Ise by Kintetsu limited express train and
  • 15min from Ise to Toba by Kintetsu train or Japan Railway

Sightseeing spots in and around Toba City


Mikimoto Pearl Island (Mikimoto Shinju-to Island) - The island is connected via a so-called Pearl Bridge (70 meters long) with the town. On the island, Japanese entrepreneur Kokichi Mikimoto (1858 – 1954) made a miracle happen in 1893, when he had his breakthrough in culturing pearls for the first time. Visit the Pearl Museum, Pearl Plaza, and the Mikimoto Kokichi (inventor of cultivating pearls) Memorial Hall to learn more about the unique history of this place.

Toba Aquarium - It has more than 1200 species of marine life on display. The aquarium is one of the largest in Japan. The exhibition is divided into 12 zones, which can be freely explored. There you will see for example the only dugong (large marine mammal) in Japan. Toba Aquarium opened its doors to the public in 1955.

Toshijima - Make a boat trip to this nearby island for 600 yen per person. It gives you a fascinating insight into the more quiet and rural life of Japanese people.

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Toba Haru Matsuri Festival (beginning of April)
Celebrating the start of spring at the Oyamazumi Jinja Shrine and Kata Jinja Shrine.


Toba Minato Matsuri Festival (4th Friday)
Great fireworks over the Gulf from Toba are worth a visit.

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