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  • Irohazaka Winding Road To Lake Chuzenji

  • Lake Chuzenji

  • Lake Chuzenji

  • Lake Chuzenji

  • Lake Chuzenji With Mt. Nantai In The Background

  • Lake Chuzenji Kegon Waterfall

  • Lake Chuzenji Kegon Waterfall

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Facts & Figures

Lake Chuzenji belongs to the Nikko Nationalpark. The scenic lake in the mountains has a circumference of 25 km and a surface area of 11.62 km². The deepest spot in the water reaches 163m.


After Mount Nantai errupted 20 000 years ago a river was blocked and this beautiful lake was created.

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Lake Chuzenji is located just 11,5 km west of Nikko and just 150 km north of Tokyo.

How to get to Lake Chuzenji?

  • 30min from Nikko to Chuzenji by Tobu Bus

Sightseeing spots


Kegon Falls - with 97m one of the highest in Japan, a really impressive sight

Lake Chuzenji - rent a rowing or motor boat there

Chuzenji Tachiki-kannon Temple - houses a 6m tall Kannon statue from the 8th century

Futarasan Shrine - is the second of three Futarasan Shrines in Nikko

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Toshogu Shrine Grand Festival (17th - 18th)
The most important annual festival in Nikko includes a horesback archery and a procession of 1000 warriors. The festival is a re-enactment of the funeral procession of Tokugawa Ieyasu (1542-1616) who founded the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo (Tokyo).


Toshogu Shrine Autumn Festival (16th - 17th)
Is an repetition of the festival in May.