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  • Kagoshima Harbour

  • Kagoshima Harbour With Volcano Sakurajima

  • Kagoshima Harbour Ferry To Yakushima

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  • Kagoshima Harbour With Volcano Sakurajima

  • Kagoshima Harbour

  • Kagoshima Volcano Sakurajima

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Facts & Figures

The capital of the Kagoshima Prefecture is with a population of 605.855 the largest city in the prefecture. Kagoshima, Japan's southernmost city, is famous for its very active volcano Sakurajima across the bay.

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The Kagoshima region was ruled by the Shimazu clan for more than 700 years. Its wealth came from intense trade with China and Korea. In 1549 St Francis Xavier arrived here and created one of the first Christian centers in Japan. Kagoshima's best known samurai was the legendary Saigo Takamori (1828 - 1877). He played a key part in the Meiji Restoration. During 1914 a strong eruption of the volcano Sakurajima covered the whole city with grey ash.

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The city is located in the southern part of the Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu.

How to get to Kagoshima?

  • 7hrs from Tokyo by Sanyo, Tokaido and Kyushu Shinkansen - transfer in Shin-Osaka
  • 2hrs from Tokyo Haneda Airport by ANA, JAL, Skymark and Solaseed Air

Sightseeing spots


Sakurajima volcano - active volcano across the bay

Sengan-en - most famous garden in Kagoshima

Chiran historical district - a beautiful preserved samurai district

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Sogadon-no-Kasayaki (fourth Saturday)
The Umbrella Burning Festival is held at nightfall in front of the Museum of the Meiji Restoration.

Isle of Fire Festival (last weekend)
Held in late July on Sakurajima island


Ohara Matsuri (3rd)
Great festival with folk dance and anyone is invited to join.