Best Ryokans in Ise and Toba

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Hamachiyokan in Ise, 537-26 Futamichochaya, Futami, Ise

The 3 star ryokan Hamachiyokan in Ise offers 26 traditional styled guest rooms (tatami-mat floors and yukata robes). It is located directly at the Ise Bay and near the Toba Aquarium, Meoto Iwa and Ise-Shima National Park. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and try out the restaurant (part of the facility).

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Hinode Ryokan in Ise, 516-0073 Mie Pref., Fukiage 1-8-35, Ise

The 3 star Hinode Ryokan is conveniently located near Iseshi Train Station (2min walk). 10 traditional styled guest rooms (tatami-mat floors) offer everything for a comfortable stay (incl. a fridge, flat-screen TV and more). The famous Ise Shrine Naiku (Inner Shrine) is accessible by an 20min bus ride.

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Isegekusando Iseshinsen in Ise, 516-0074 Mie Pref., Honmachi 1-1, Ise

The 4 star Isegekusando Iseshinsen ryokan contains 45 rooms and is conveniently located near Iseshi Train Station (2min walk). It offers indoor and outdoor onsen (hot spring bath), free Wi-Fi, delicious Japanese food and a friendly supportive stuff. Ise Shrine Naiku (Inner Shrine) is accessible in less than 20min by car or bus.

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Saiou No Miya in Ise, 516-1102 Mie Pref., Souchi-cho Ikenoue 1165-1, Ise

The luxury 4 star Saiou No Miya ryokan offers 28 beautiful traditional styled rooms incl. a private bathroom, a wide range of facilities (restaurant, tennis court) and an exceptional service. The famous Ise Shrine Geku (Outer Shrine) is just 5 km away from Saiou no Miya.

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Todaya Ryoan in Ise, 516-0079 Mie Pref., Ozeko 1-1-20, Ise

The excellent 4 star Todaya Ryoan ryokan features 9 traditional styled rooms, each with private bathrooms, and is easily accessible by a 10min walk from Iseshi Train Station. Customers of the ryokan praise the good food which is served for breakfast and dinner. Enjoy during your stay the massage service and beauty center.

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Toba Hotel International, 517-0011 Mie Pref., 1-23-1 Toba

The 4,5 star Toba Kokusai Hotel features 80 guest rooms (some offer ocean views) with a nice mixture of modern and traditional elements. The hotel received the customer rating outstanding. The room service is excellent. Do not miss the tasty breakfast. The mineral bath and massage services are perfect for relaxing.

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Senpokaku in Toba, 517-0011 Mie Pref., 2-12-24 Toba

The 4 star Senpokaku ryokan offers 85 guest rooms (tatami-mat floors + bathrooms) nearby the Toba Aquarium (15min walk). The amazing views from the hotel over Ise Bay and Toba are already worth the visit. Facilities like a swimming pool, indoor/outdoor hot spring baths, restaurant and a nice bar waiting for you.

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