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  • Onomichi City View From Mt. Senkoji

  • Onomichi City Great View From Mt. Senkoji

  • Onomichi City Great View From Mt. Senkoji

  • Onomichi City Senkoji Temple

  • Onomichi City Senkoji Temple

  • Onomichi City Start Point Of The Path Of Literature

  • Onomichi City The Path Of Literature

  • Onomichi City Senkoji Park

  • Onomichi City Temple Walk

  • Onomichi City Temple Walk

  • Onomichi City Komyoji Temple

  • Onomichi City Large Bell Across The Komyoji Temple

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Facts & Figures

Right now more than 148,000 people living in Onomichi. The city covers an area of 284 square kilometre. The city is known for its famous Ramen dish. This seaport town is not the most popular tourist destination, but it has many beautiful temples, shrines and monuments to offer. Japan Rail PassSince 2004 I travel nearly every year to Japan. The rail pass made my life easier to discover all those amazing places in my favourite country. It is also the starting point for a bicycle tour at the Shimanami Kaido. This system of road bridges allows people to cross the Seto Inland Sea to Shikoku.


Onomichi City was founded in 1898. Many famous authors like Takahashi Gen'ichirō, Hayashi Fumiko and Shiga Naoya called Onomichi their home.


Map of Japan

The city is located within the Hiroshima Prefecture at the Seto Inland Sea.

How to get to Onomichi?

  • 1,5hrs from Tokyo Haneda to Hiroshima Airport by ANA and JAL
  • 4-5hrs from Tokyo to Shin-Onomichi Station by JR Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen
  • transfer to a Nozomi or Hikari train at Okayama Station is needed
  • 11hrs from Tokyo Shinjuku Station to Onomichi by Etoile Seto overnight bus

Sightseeing spots


Historical Temple Walk - this walk is including 25 temples

Senko-ji Temple - historic Japanese temple founded in 806

Onomichi Literature Museum - displays work of famous writers like Hayashi Fumiko

Shimanami Kaido - bridge connection to Shikoku

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Onomichi Minato Festival (4th Saturday and Sunday)
A festival to celebrate Hirayama Kakuzaemon who was responsible for openning the Onomichi Port.


Sumiyoshi Fireworks Festival (end of July to the beginning of August)
The festival is dating back to the middle of the Edo period. You will see thousands of fireworks in order to wish for safety of sea traffic and prosperity of business.


Betcha Festival (1st to 3rd)
On this day Shrine parishioners frightening and chasing children in the town with wearing 3 different kind of masks.

Where to stay in Onomichi?

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