Abuto-kannon Temple (Bandai-ji Temple)

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  • Abuto-kannon Temple in Hiroshima Prefecture

    Abuto-kannon Temple

  • Abuto-kannon Temple in Hiroshima Prefecture

    Abuto-kannon Temple

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Facts & Figures

Abuto-kannon is also known as the Bandai-ji Temple and is located in the southern part of the Numakuma Peninsula in Fukuyama city. Like many temples, it is still considered a sacred religious spot with many people visiting this Buddhist Temple to pray for healthy children and safe travels. Japan Rail Pass Buy now and Save >
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Apart from praying, people also arrive at the Abuto-kannon to enjoy the impressive scenery that blends in amazingly with the clear ocean and the rock surfaces that surround the temple. The main attraction is the Kannon Hall (an important cultural property of Japan), which is well known in many regions of the country. The Abuto-kannon temple is located on a cliff that is 20 meters high, which overlooks the Seto Inland Sea. The sanctuary’s exterior is coated with lacquer, which helps the temple to blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

  • Abuto-kannon Temple:
  • Opening Hours - 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Admission Fee - 100 yen (adults), 50 yen (Junior high school student and younger)


Daimyo (feudal lord) Motonari Mori (1497 - 1571) completed the beautiful Abuto-kannon Temple during the Muromachi era in 1570. Legend has it that a pious man by the name of Jirouemon, who lived close by in the city Tomo, was fishing by the Abuto Cape when he caught a bright stone relic of Kanzeon (Kannon) in his fishing net. Upon consulting with a priest from the Bandai-ji Temple, the Kanzeon relic was then placed on top of the Abuto Cape, an act that sparked conversation all through the surrounding villages. Upon hearing the story, Mori decided to step up and construct the temple to act as the guardian of the sea for all the sea travelers. The temple was maintained by the feudal lords from the Fukuyama-han including Mizuno who ruled in the Kanbun era (1661 - 1673), as well as Abe who ruled during the Anei era (1772 - 1781).


Map of Japan

Abuto-kannon Temple is located in the city Fukuyama (Hiroshima prefecture) at the Numakuma Peninsula.
Address: 1427 Numakuma-cho, Notohara Abuto, Fukuyama 720-0312

How to get to Abuto-kannon Temple?

  • 45min from Fukuyama Station to Abuto-kannon Iriguchi stop by bus and
  • 10min from Abuto-kannon Iriguchi stop to the temple

Sightseeing spots at the temple grounds


Kannon Hall - It is an important cultural property of Japan.

Festival & Events in Fukuyama (dates can change without notice)


Fukuyama Rose Festival (20th - 21st)
After World War 2 the rose park was created by people who had started planting 1000 roses in order to decorate the destroyed town and to cheer up its people. To never forget this time the Fukuyama Rose Festival was created in 1967.


Fukuyama Summer Festival (13th - 15th)
You will find party places all over the city. The highlights are Niagari-odori dance contest, Summer Night Fureai Festival and fireworks held over the Ashida River.

Where to stay near Abuto-kannon Temple?

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