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  • Jogashima Island

  • Jogashima Island

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  • Jogashima Island Coastline

  • Jogashima Island Coastline

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Facts & Figures

Jogashima Island covers an area of 1 square kilometre and has a population of app. 600 people. The main drivers at the local economy are the fish markets. My tip: You can eat there the best Tuna, Sushi and Sashimi (thin pieces of fresh raw meat or fish).


The fish markets at the island dating back 2000 years. During the Edo period the fish industry experienced a tremendous growth, because of the demand of Edo city (Tokyo). Fishermen in Jogashima started to capture fish by net in 1649.

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Jogashima Island is located at the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula within the Kanagawa Prefecture and 35km south of Yokohama.

How to get to Jogashima?

  • 47min from Yokohama Station to Misakiguchi Station by Keikyu Line and
  • 28min from Misakiguchi Station to Jogashima harbor by Keihin Kyuko bus

Sightseeing spots

Hakone area:

Jogashima Lighthouse - western styled lighthouse (fourth oldest in Japan)

Misaki fishery harbor - landing port for the best tuna

Misaki Fisharina Wharf - the largest fish market for visitors

Jogashima park - two observatories are worth a visit

Cape Nagatsuro - great place to enjoy a sunset

Asia's longest box-girder bridge (575m) - connecting Jogashima with Miura

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Miura Beach Fireworks Festival (early August)
Enjoy the great view of the Firework over the Tokyo Bay.