Jogashima Island

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  • Map of Jogashima Island

    Jogashima Island Map

  • Jogashima Island

    Jogashima Island

  • Jogashima Island

    Jogashima Island

  • Beautiful Coastline of Jogashima Island

    Jogashima Island Beautiful Coastline

  • Beautiful Coastline of Jogashima Island

    Jogashima Island Coastline

  • Beautiful Coastline of Jogashima Island

    Jogashima Island Coastline

  • Jogashima Island Lighthouse

    Jogashima Island Lighthouse

  • Jogashima Island Lighthouse And Coastline

    Jogashima Island Lighthouse And Coastline

  • Jogashima Island Spectacular Coastline

    Jogashima Island Spectacular Coastline

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Facts & Figures

Jogashima Island covers an area of 1 square kilometer and has a population of approx. 600 people. From there you can see the symbol of Japan Mount Fuji, Sagami Bay, Izu Peninsula (Izu Hanto), Boso Peninsula (Chiba Prefecture), Izu Oshima, and Tanzawa Mountain Range (Tanzawa-sanchi). The rocky southern coast with its high cliffs is directly facing the Pacific Ocean. In the east part, you will find a nature park with two observatories and a field of daffodils. Jogashima is made of volcanic rock and rises about 30m above sea level. Best Ryokans and Hotels near Jogashima Explore Hotels near Jogashima >
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It is connected with the mainland (Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa Prefecture) by the Jogashima-ohashi bridge. It is also possible to take a small ferry boat from the Urai dock in Misaki. The crossing takes max. 10min. The main drivers of the local economy are the fish markets. You can eat there the best Tuna, Sushi and Sashimi (thin pieces of fresh raw meat or fish). Check out the market called Misaki Fisharina Wharf - Urari close to the harbor. This popular day trip destination for locals and tourists is also famous for the unforgettable sunsets you can experience there. Btw the best places on the island are connected by a max. 2 hours hiking trail.

My tips for local activities

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The fish markets at the island date back 2000 years. During the Edo period (1603 - 1868) the fish industry experienced tremendous growth, because of the demand of Edo city (Tokyo). Fishermen in Jogashima started to capture fish by net in 1649.


Map of Japan

Jogashima Island is located at the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula within the Kanagawa Prefecture and 35km south of Yokohama.
Address: Misakimachi Jogashima, Miura 238-0237 Kanagawa Prefecture

How to get to Jogashima?

  • 47min from Yokohama Station to Misakiguchi Station by Keikyu Line and
  • 28min from Misakiguchi Station to Jogashima harbor by Keihin Kyuko bus

Sightseeing spots at Jogashima and nearby

Jogashima Lighthouse - The western-styled unmanned lighthouse is the fourth oldest in Japan. It was built in 1870 and completely destroyed during the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. The reconstruction of the lighthouse took till 1925.

Misaki Fishing Harbor - Misaki Port is one of the largest Tuna ports in Japan. The quality of the Tuna is outstandingly good. Try it out in one of the many seafood restaurants:)

Misaki Fisharina Wharf - It is the largest fish market on the Miura Peninsula and a must-see for visitors. Misaki Fisharina Wharf was opened in 2001.
Address: 5-3-1 Misaki, Miura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture

Jogashima Park - The two observatories within the park offer great panoramic views and are definitely worth a visit.

Cape Nagatsuro - It is one of the best places in the whole Kanto area to enjoy a sunset and the views over the Pacific Ocean are magnificent.

Jogashima-ohashi Bridge - The box-girder bridge with a length of 575m and a height of 21m is connecting Jogashima with Miura since 1959.

Umanose-Domon - The arch-shaped rock is one of the most known landmarks of the island. Before 1923 Umanose-Domon was nearly underwater, but through the great Kanto Earthquake the rock was lifted by 8m.

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Miura Beach Fireworks Festival (early August)
Enjoy the great view of the fireworks over Tokyo Bay.

November - April

Sea Cormorant nesting
Jogashima is known as a nesting area for the Sea Cormorant. During that time protected parts of the island sheltered them.

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