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  • Yokohama Infront Of Tsurumi Station

  • Yokohama Tsurumi

  • Yokohama Tsurumi

  • Yokohama Tsurumi

  • Tsurumigawabashi Tsurumi River Bridge

  • Yokohama Tsurumi Residential Area

  • Yokohama Tsurumi

  • Yokohama Tsurumi

  • Yokohama Tsurumi

  • Yokohama Tsurumi Statue

  • Yokohama Tsurumi

  • Yokohama Tsurumi River

  • Yokohama Tsurumi River

  • Yokohama Tsurumi Ramen Shop

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Facts & Figures

Yokohama city consists of 18 wards and Tsurumi is one of them. The population of Tsurumi-ku is appr. 270000 and the ward covering an area of 33 square kilometre. Japan Rail PassSince 2004 I travel nearly every year to Japan. The rail pass made my life easier to discover all those amazing places in my favourite country. This regional commercial hub is highly industrialized (esp. the area along the coast) and used by many to commute from here to the center of Yokohama and Tokyo.


In 1927 Yokohama city integrated Tsurumi town as one of the wards. In the World War 2 air raid the whole area got destroyed.

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Tsurumi-ku is located in northeast Yokohama within the Kanagawa prefecture.

How to get to Tsurumi?

  • Tsurumi Station is served by Keihin-Tohoku Line and Tsurumi Line

Sightseeing spots


Soji-ji Temple - founded in 740, one of the two head temples (daihonzan) of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism, my must-see recommendation for you

Tsurumi University - great campus with lots of greenery close to the Soji-ji Temple

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Tsurumi River Summer Festival (17th, Saturday)
Around 1200 fireworks will light up the sky. Enjoy this great spectacle, live music and good food around the Tsukuno Park and bank of Tsurumi River.

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