Yamate Bluff in Yokohama

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  • Yokohama Yamate Harbor View Park

  • Yokohama Yamate

  • Yokohama Yamate Foreign General Cemetery

  • View from The Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery

  • Yokohama Yamate House On The Bluff No. 111

  • Yokohama Yamate House On The Bluff No. 111

  • Yokohama Yamate Greenery

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Facts & Figures

Yamate Bluff is the name for an historic area in Yokohama. It is a beautiful neighborhood full with well-preserved buildings, an huge population of foreigners, churches, international schools, parks (Harbor View Park is the largest) and museums. Japan Rail Pass Buy now and Save >
Since 2004 I travel nearly every year to Japan. The rail pass made my life easier to discover all those amazing places in my favourite country.

My tips for local activities

How about exploring the highlights and hidden gems of the fascinating metropolis Yokohama with a local guide. Check out this page > for more details.


After many years of isolation during the Edo Period Japan opened some ports for foreign trade in 1859. The Yamate Bluff area was used as the residential area for these Western traders in Yokohama.


Map of Japan

The Yamate Bluff neighborhood is located in Naka-ku (ward), Yokohama.

How to get to Yamate Bluff?

  • 8min from Yokohama Station to Motomachi-Chukagai Station by Minato Mirai Line or
  • 7min from Yokohama Station to Ishikawacho Station by JR Negishi Line or
  • access Yamate district by Akaikutsu Loop Bus (100 yen)

Sightseeing spots


Harbour View Park - the largest park in the Yamate Bluff area, with great views over the port and the Yokohama Bay Bridge

Foreigner's Cemetery - dates back to 1854 when American Commodore Matthew C. Perry buried one of his sailors there

Yamate 111 House, Yamate 234 House - historical Western buildings

Bluff 18 House - a former residence of Yamate Catholic Church priest

Ehrismann Residence - a Swiss trader's house

British House Yokohama - former British Consular General's residence

Cat Museum - if you like cats, this is the right place for you:)

Toys Club Museum - huge toy collection is on display

Sacred Heart Cathedral - built in 1933, seat of the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Yokohama

America-Yama Park - a new Western-style park, opened in 2009

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Western-Style Houses Festa (Hana to Utsuwa no Harmony) (2nd till 10th)
Seven historical western-style houses are beautiful decorated with flowers and chinaware by professional artists. More than 60000 visitors enjoy this festival every year.

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