Port of Yokohama

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  • Yokohama Harbour Cruise

  • Yokohama Skyline And Osanbashi Pier

  • Yokohama Bay Bridge

  • Yokohama Bay Bridge

  • Yokohama Bay Bridge And Harbour Cruise

  • Yokohama Bay Bridge

  • Yokohama Harbour Cruise With The Yokahama Bay Bridge

  • Passing By A Ship During The Yokohama Harbour Cruise

  • Yokohama Harbour Cruise

  • Yokohama Harbour Sightseeing

  • Yokohama Hikawa Maru Ship

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Facts & Figures

The Port of Yokohama is an international trade port and one of the largest in Japan with 10 major piers. In 2006 the harbour served more than 42000 ships. Japan Rail Pass Buy now and Save >
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My tips for local activities

Local guide in Yokohama

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In 1858 the US/Japan Treaty of Amity and Commerce declared Kanagawa as an open port (one out of five). In 1859 the Port of Yokohama was officially opened. During the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 the whole area was completely destroyed.


Map of Japan

The Port of Yokohama is located in Yokohama in the southeastern part of the Kanagawa Prefecture.

How to get to Port of Yokohama?

  • 8min from Yokohama Station to Motomachi-Chukagai Station by Minato Mirai Line and
  • 5min from Motomachi-Chukagai Station to Yokohama's Waterfront

Sightseeing spots


Minato Mirai 21 - Minato Mirai 21 or "harbor of the future" is a large urban area along the water with many attractions like the largest skyscraper in Japan the Landmark Tower

Osanbashi Pier - spectacular designed pier for cruise ships and international travel plus immigration and customs facilities

Yamashita Park - the public park follows the waterfront for 750m and offers a great view over the bay

Yokohama Port Cruise - a great way to explore the port area

Hikawa Maru - old passenger ship serving as a museum now, it was used for the Japan - Seattle line (started in 1930)

Yokohama Port Museum - shows the history of this port

Yokohama Marine Tower - Yokohama Marine Tower built in 1961, the observation deck is 100m above grounds and offers great views to the port and even Mt. Fuji

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Yokohama Port Opening Festival (29th/30th of May, 2nd of June)
Celebrates the opening of the Yokohama Port (founded in 1859). Enjoy the good food, huge fireworks, free concerts and a unique atmosphere. This large-scale festival is my must-see recommendation for you.

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Yokohama Street Scene

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