Did you know ... awesome facts about Japan

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The largest Torii Gate in Japan (33.9m tall and 42m wide) can be found at Oyunohara. Read More

The Todai-ji Temple complex in Nara contains the largest bronze Buddha statue (Daibutsu) in the country and its main hall is the largest wooden building in the world. Read More

One of the most popular cherry blossom spots with 30000 cherry trees is located in Yoshino near Nara. Read More

My favourite observation deck can be found at TOKYO SKYTREE. TOKYO SKYTREE is with 634m the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. Read More

Shitenno-ji Temple in Osaka was the first Buddhist Temple in the country. The temple complex was built in 593. Read More

Do you love fresh fish? The Tokyo Tsukiji Market is the largest wholesale market in Japan and one of the largest fish markets in the world. Read More

Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto is the birthplace of Kabuki, a form of classical Japanese drama. Read More

Himeji Castle is without doubt the most beautiful and most visited castle in Japan. Read More

The Sanjusangen-do Temple complex in Kyoto contains the longest wooden hall (120 m) in the country. Read More

The large island Odaiba (part of Tokyo) is completely man-made and a great sightseeing spot. Read More

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge near Kobe is with a total length of 3911 m the longest suspension bridge in the world. Read More

The largest pre-modern and stone-carved Buddha Statue in Japan can be found in Chiba (near Tokyo). Read More