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  • Yaita City

  • Yaita City

  • Yaita City Nagamine Koen

  • Yaita City Nagamine Koen

  • Yaita City Street In The Suburbs

  • Yaita City Typical Country House

  • Yaita Countryside

  • Yaita Countryside

  • Yaita Countryside

  • Water Reservoir Near Yaita

  • Yaita City Sports Park

  • Yaita City Country House

  • Yaita City Cherry Blossom Hanami

  • Yaita City Cherry Blossom Hanami

  • Yaita City Myodoji Temple Cherry Blossom Hanami

  • Yaita City Cherry Blossom Hanami

  • Yaita City Rice Field

  • Yaita City Rice Fields

  • Yaita City Yanamegawa

  • Yaita City

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Facts & Figures

The city Yaita is covering an area of 170 square kilometre and has a population of app. 36.000. Japan Rail Pass Since 2004 I have traveled nearly every year to Japan. The rail pass made my life easier to discover all those amazing places in my favorite country.
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During the Edo period, Yaita was known as the "inn town" on the main travel route to Nikko Kiado.


Map of Japan

Yaita city is located in the northern part of the Tochigi Prefecture.

How to get to Yaita?

  • 50min from Tokyo (Ueno) to Utsunomiya Staion by JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line
  • 30min from Utsunomiya Station to Yaita Station by JR Tōhoku Line (Utsunomiya Line)

Sightseeing spots


Mt. Happougahara - great hiking area, dont miss in May/June the blossoming of azaleas

Kitaba shrine - built in 795, recognized as a national cultural property

Terayama-kannnon Temple - built in 724, the Kannon statues are designated as a cultural property by the prefecture

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Tsutuji Matsuri (azaleas festival) in the Nagamine Park (2nd Saturday)
Enjoy the full blooming of azaleas in the park and explore the free market nearby.


Takahara-yama Triathlon (5th)
Are you fit enough for this 51.5 km challenge (swimming, cycling and marathon)?

Andon-festival (lighting festival) (20th)
Thousands of candles are displayed along a river and creating a unique atmosphere.


Yaita Firework festival (mid-October)
It has been held since 2008 and is getting more popular year by year. It is a local festival, but with an impressive setting of 10,000 fireworks.


Takahara Marathon (11th)
Wait along the road and support the runners.

Where to stay in Yaita?

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