Tanesashi Coast

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  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

  • Tanesashi Coast

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Facts & Figures

Tanesashi Seaside of Hachinohe is the perfect place for hiking, surfing or having a relaxing picnic at the beach. During summertime the place can get very crowded. Tanesashi Coast is also considered as one of the nation's places of scenic beauty.

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In March 2011 a huge earthquake and the following tsunami caused tremendous damage along the east coast of Japan.


Map of Japan

The Tanesashi Coast is located in the eastern part of Hachinohe City within the Aomori Prefecture.

How to get to Tanesashi-Kaigan Station?

  • 3hrs from Tokyo Station to Hachinohe by Tohoku Shinakansen Line and
  • 33min from Hachinohe to Tanesashi-Kaigan Station by JR Hachinohe Line

Sightseeing spots


Tanesashi Coast walking trail - enjoy the great scenery

Ashigezaki Observatory - stone built observatory right infront of the Samekado lighthouse

Kabu Island - also called the "Island of black-tailed gulls"

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Hachinohe Sansha Taisai (1st till 3rd)
The history of this festival goes back till 1721. The procession is accompanied by 27 auxiliary floats. In 2004 the government designated the festival as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

Where to stay near Tanesashi-Kaigan Station?

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