Shibuya in Tokyo

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  • Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

  • Tokyo Shibuya

  • Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

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  • Tokyo Shibuya At Night

  • Tokyo Shibuya Street Scene At Night

  • Tokyo Shibuya Street Scene At Night

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Facts & Figures

Shibuya belongs to Tokyo's 23 special wards. Shibuya's population is app. 208000 with an total area of 15.11 square kilometre. Best Ryokans in Tokyo Experience the Ultimate Japanese Hospitality at a Tokyo Ryokan.
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The popular district is also known as the fashion center of Japan. Young people of Tokyo enjoy the endless shopping and entertainment facilites around Shibuya Station. The station is handling more than 2.4 million passengers on a weekday. This makes it the number 4 of busiest commuter rail station in Japan. The area is also know as the "Bit Valley" with an high concentration of IT related enterprises.

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Shibuya developed in a huge entertainment and commercial hub after the opening of the Yamanote line in 1885. Since 1932 Shibuya is an official ward of Tokyo City.


Map of Japan

Shibuya Station is located within the Shibuya-ku (ward) in Tokyo.

How to get to Shibuya?

  • Shibuya Station is served by JR Shonan Shinjuku Line, JR Yamanote Line,
  • JR Saikyo Line, Fukutoshin Subway Line, Hanzomon Subway Line, Ginza Subway Line,
  • Tokyu Den-Entoshi Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Keio Inokashira Line and
  • 90min from Narita Airport to Shibuya Station by Narita Express

Sightseeing spots

around Shibuya Station:

Hachiko Statue - this statue honors a dog with the name Hachiko. He waited for his master every day at Shibuya Station. He did so even after the death of his master.

Shibuya Crossing - a famous intersection / scramble crossing outside Shibuya station and one of the busiest in the world, some people compare this place to the Time Square in New York Read more

Bunkamura building - enjoy a great art museum, theaters and stage plays

Love Hotel Hill - many love hotels can be found in this area, very popular for young people;)

Department stores - Enjoy a huge variety of stores like Seibu, Tokyu, Parco, Marui, Tokyu Hands, Shibuya Mark City, Shibuya 109, Loft etc…

Center Gai - this area is one of the fashion hotspots in Japan

Koen Street / Koen Dori - shopping street connecting Shibuya Station with Yoyogi Park

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri (19th)
Minami-Kyushu's biggest festival with 2000 dancers comes to Shibuya. Location is the Dogenzaka and Bunkamura street.


Shibuya Nebuta Matsuri (14th)
Colorful float procession joined by Nebuta flutes and drums held in Center-gai.

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