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  • Tokyo Ochanomizu Station With The Kanda River

  • Tokyo Ochanomizu Station With The Kanda River

  • Hijiribashi Bridge And Ochanomizu Station In Tokyo

  • Night Scene In Ochanomizu Tokyo

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Facts & Figures

The Ochanomizu area in Tokyo is known for its high density of instrument and guitar shops. It is a shopping heaven for musicians. The Ochanomizu Station near the Kanda river is with app. 107.000 passengers/day the transportation hub of that area.


The name Ochanomizu stands for "tea water" in reference to the nearby Kanda River. During the Edo period the water for the Shogun's tea came from there.

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Ochanomizu is located within the Kanda area in Chiyoda-ku in central Tokyo.

How to get to Ochanomizu?

  • Ochanomizu Station is served by Chūō Line (Rapid), Chūō-Sōbu Line and
  • Tokyo Marunouchi Subway Line

Sightseeing spots


Kanda Myojin - the Kanda Myojin Shrine has a history of nearly 1300 years

Yushima Seido - this Confucian Shrine was built in 1691 and destroyed many times in the past, highlight is the largest Confucius statue in the world

Nikorai-dō (Holy Resurrection Cathedral) - the main cathedral of the Japanese Orthodox Church, built in 1891 from the founder Petrovich Rezanov Nikolai (1838-1912)

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Kanda Matsuri (Saturday and Sunday around the 15th of May)
The Kanda Festival belongs to one of the three great Tokyo Shinto festivals. App. 200 portable Shinto shrines (mikoshi) are carried around and the parade is joint by dancers and musicians.

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