Imperial Palace in Tokyo

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  • Sakurada Gate Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Sakurada Gate Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Sakurada Gate Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Sakurada Gate Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Nijubashi Bridge Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Nijubashi Bridge Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Nijubashi Bridge Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Nice Walk Along The Tokyo Imperial Palace

  • Ote-Mon Gate East Gardens Imperial Palace Tokyo

  • Tokyo Imperial Palace Moat

  • Street Near Tokyo Imperial Palace

  • Imperial Palace And Tokyo Parlament In The Distance

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Facts & Figures

Tokyo Imperial Palace is located in the center of Tokyo. The residence of the Emperor's family, including a large park, is covering an area of 3.41 square kilometres. Best Ryokans in Tokyo Explore Ryokans in Tokyo >
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The whole place is surrounded by huge stone walls and moats. It is possible to book a tour at the imperial grounds. Slots are only available over the Imperial Household Agency's website.

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The Tokyo Imperial Palace was built in 1888 at the former Edo Castle site. The Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan from the Edo Castle between 1600 till 1868. The Tokyo Imperial Palace was completely destroyed in World War 2 and reconstruction of the building was finished in 1968.


Map of Japan

Tokyo Imperial Palace is located within Chiyodaku (ward) in central Tokyo.

How to get to Tokyo Imperial Palace?

  • 15min from Tokyo Station to Imperial Palace or
  • 5min from Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station to Imperial Palace

Sightseeing spots


Imperial Palace East Garden (Kokyo Higashi Gyoen) - this public park belongs to the inner palace area, the foundation of the Edo Castle tower can be found there

Ninomaru Garden - beautiful Japanese Garden with 260 trees donated by each prefecture in Japan

Tokagakudo Concert Hall - building was completed in 1966, located in the East Garden

Kitanomaru Koen (park) - is a public park and belongs to the Imperial Palace East Garden

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


New Year's Greeting (2nd)
It is only 2times a year possible to visit the inner palace grounds. Appr. 70 000 people use this chance to greet the Imperial Family. There are usually 5 appearances of the family. The entrance for this event is at the Main Gate from 9:30 am till 2:10 pm.


Birthday of the Emperor (23rd)
The birthday of the Emperor is a national hoilday and the public has access to the inner palace grounds of the Imperial Palace. The Emperor and his family accepting the greetings from a palace balcony.

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