Futako Tamagawa in Tokyo

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  • Futako Tamagawa Neighbourhood In Setagaya

  • Futako-tamagawa Station In Setagaya

  • Takashimaya Mall In Futako Tamagawa Neighbourhoo

  • Mall Near Futako-tamagawa Station

  • Futako Tamagawa In Setagaya

  • Futako Tamagawa Neighbourhood In Setagaya

  • Hyogojima Park In Futako Tamagawa

  • Futako Tamagawa Neighbourhood In Setagaya

  • Futako Tamagawa Neighbourhood In Setagaya

  • Futako Tamagawa Neighbourhood In Setagaya

  • Futako Tamagawa Neighbourhood In Setagaya

  • Nature Is Taking Over in Futako Tamagawa

  • Small Shrine in Futako Tamagawa

  • Small Shrine in Futako Tamagawa

  • Stone For Purification

  • Playground In Futako Tamagawa

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Facts & Figures

The neighbourhood of Futako Tamagawa, also known by locals as Nikotama, is situated in one of Tokyo´s best living areas (Setagaya district). Best Ryokans in Tokyo Explore Ryokans in Tokyo >
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It is a very expensive place for living and many business leaders and celebrities call this place now home. Futako Tamagawa is located along the Tamagawa river which divides Tokyo from the city Kawasaki. I recommend you to visit there the Hyogojima Park for a nice BBQ with friends:). The area is also very popular for families with small kids. You will find there many indoor play areas, rooftop gardens, family-friendly restaurants and comfortable bathrooms. As a side note the HQ of the well-known company Rakuten is also located in Futako Tamagawa.

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Futako Tamagawa was before World War 2 a small farming community. The development of the area made big progress in 1969, when the first suburban department store of Japan opened the doors for the public. The Takashimaya department store near Futako-tamagawa Station attracted more and more other businesses over the years. In the beginning of 2000 the station was completely renovated and more residential buildings, hotels and shopping facilities followed.


Map of Japan

Futako Tamagawa neighbourhood is located within the Setagaya district on the western part of Tokyo at the border of Kawasaki.
Address: Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0094, Japan

How to get to Futako Tamagawa?

  • 15min from Shibuya to Futako-tamagawa Station served by Tokyu Denentoshi Line

Sightseeing spots


Hyogojima Park - It is a nice green space in the concrete jungle of Tokyo.

Japanese Garden - Near the Rakuten HQ you will find a great Garden for the public (insider tip).

Whole neighbourhood - The area is full of beautiful residential buildings, cafes, little parks and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Tamagawa Fireworks Festival (mid of Aug)
Setagaya’s biggest fireworks festival takes place above the Tamagawa River close to Futako-tamagawa Station. Be aware it can get really crowded there.

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