Tokyo Street Scenes

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  • Side Street in Tokyo

    Side Street in Tokyo

  • Tokyo Ikebukuro

    Tokyo Ikebukuro

  • Tokyo Ikebukuro Metropolitan Plaza

    Tokyo Ikebukuro Metropolitan Plaza

  • Building in Ikebukuro Tokyo

    Building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

  • Tokyo Shinjuku

    Tokyo Shinjuku

  • Shinjuku Gyoen Sakura in Tokyo

    Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo

  • Neon Lights in Tokyo

    Neon Lights, Tokyo

  • Neon Lights Tokyo

    "Neon Lights Tokyo

  • Ueno Park Hanami in Tokyo

    Ueno Park Hanami, Tokyo

  • Ueno Park in Tokyo

    Ueno Park, Tokyo

  • Ameyoko Market in Ueno Tokyo

    Ameyoko Market in Ueno, Tokyo

  • Tokyo Harajuku

    Harajuku, Tokyo

  • Shop in Harajuku Tokyo

    Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo

  • Harajuku in Tokyo

    Harajuku in Tokyo

  • Near Harajuku in Tokyo

    Near Harajuku, Tokyo

  • Meiji Shrine Park in Tokyo

    Path in Meiji Shrine Park, Tokyo

  • Asakusa in Tokyo

    Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

  • Tokyo Omotesando


  • Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

    Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

  • Taxi Shibuya in Tokyo

    Taxi Shibuya, Tokyo

  • Rolls-Royce Tokyo

    Rolls-Royce, Tokyo

  • Transformer Akihabara in Tokyo

    Transformer in Akihabara, Tokyo

  • Akihabara in Tokyo

    Akihabara in Tokyo

  • Tokyo Skytree at Night

    Tokyo Skytree at night along Sumida River

  • Sumida River in Asakusa Tokyo

    Sumida River in Asakusa, Tokyo

  • Toilets Asakusa in Tokyo

    Toilets in Asakusa, Tokyo

  • Asakusa in Tokyo

    Asakusa in Tokyo

  • Sensoji Temple Asakusa in Tokyo

    Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

  • Rickshaw Ride in Asakusa in Tokyo

    Rickshaw Ride in Asakusa, Tokyo

  • Tokyo University

    Tokyo University

  • Campus Tokyo University

    Campus Tokyo University

  • Street Scene near Tokyo University

    Street Scene near Tokyo University

  • Ginza in Tokyo

    Ginza, Tokyo

  • Marunouchi Area in Tokyo

    Marunouchi Area, Tokyo

  • Tokyo Station

    Tokyo Station

  • Street in Tokyo

    Street in Tokyo

  • Daiichi Torii Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo

    Daiichi Torii Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo

  • Imperial Palace Tokyo

    Imperial Palace, Tokyo

  • Roppongi District Tokyo

    Roppongi District, Tokyo

  • Old Building in Tokyo

    Old Building, Tokyo

  • Sangedatsumon Gate Zojoji Temple in Tokyo

    Sangedatsumon Gate, Zojoji Temple in Tokyo

  • 2 dogs in Akabane in Tokyo

    Cute Dogs Akabane, Tokyo

  • Tokyo National Art Center

    Tokyo National Art Center

  • Shinagawa Station in Tokyo

    Shinagawa Station in Tokyo

  • Near Yushima Seido in Tokyo

    Near Yushima Seido in Tokyo

  • Tokyo Midtown Ando

    Tokyo Midtown Ando Exhibition

  • Coffee Tokyo

    Coffee in Tokyo

  • Red Torii Gates Hie Shrine in Tokyo

    Red Torii Gates, Hie Shrine

  • Local Summer Festival in Tokyo

    Local Summer Festival in Tokyo

  • Wooden House in Tokyo

    Wooden House, Tokyo

  • Old House in Tokyo

    Old House in Tokyo

  • Side Street in Tokyo

    Side Street, Tokyo

Explore the real Tokyo

Tokyo is a huge city with many faces. It is amazing for me to see how fast this city is changing even within just one year. Once I am in town I have created this habit of turning my smartphone off and start exploring this concrete jungle without a plan. It’s one of the safest cities on planet earth and I did for example many night walks without feeling any danger. Night walks means I am starting at 11pm and walk through an unknown city district till 4 to 5am in the morning. I am enjoying this special atmosphere with the neon lights, hidden side streets and the quietness of little temple grounds at night. It is a unique experience. If I get lost I take a taxi back to the hotel or it brings me to a nearby train station. After many years and many kilometres of exploring my favourite city by foot I would like to share some nice spots/street scenes with you. Best Ryokans in Tokyo Explore Ryokans in Tokyo >
Ryokans are the perfect way to discover old Japanese culture and traditions.

My tips for local activities

Local guide in Tokyo

How about exploring the fascinating city Tokyo with a local guide? The personalized tour by our partner GetYourGuide can take between 5 - 6 hours. For more details check out this page >

Ueno Park

Ueno Park Hanami in Tokyo

I came here for the cherry blossom season, night walks, festivals and to check out some world-class museums.


Rolls-Royce Tokyo

If you would like to know where the rich and famous are living in Tokyo go to Azabu. I have never seen a higher Rolls-Royce density than at this place :)

Shinjuku - Harajuku - Shibuya night walk

Shinjuku Tokyo

If you can not get enough of the amazing sights of neon lights in Tokyo start your night walk at Shinjuku station and go down to Harajuku and Shibuya.

Sumida River at night

Sumida River and Tokyo Skytree at night

I come here very often (or every time when I am in Tokyo) because of the amazing sight of the Tokyo Skytree at night and the beautiful Asakusa area. Start your walk at Asakusa Station and stroll for hours along the river.

My favourite green area with a tourist density of 0

Arakawa Iwabuchi Green Area in Akabane Tokyo

The Arakawa Iwabuchi Green Area in Akabane at the border to Saitama along the Arakawa river is my number one spot for a relaxing stroll with friends or for a nice picnic. You will find a huge green space area there which is not really known by tourists.


Suburbia in Tokyo

The real life happens in the suburbs of Tokyo and not in the flashy and expansive downtown districts. Exploring these little streets were people mind their business is one of my highlights. I have discovered the best local restaurants there, friendly people and a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Geeks town

Akihabara in Tokyo

The manga culture is big in Japan. In Akihabara you can dive into this world and get lost in a huge variety if shops. Walking through this area during the day and especially at night is a must-do for me. Absorbing this enegry is fantastic.

Jogging Round

Imperial Palace in Tokyo

If you like to do some running I can only recommend you the track around the Imperial Palace. I did it at 5am in the morning and I could still see some crazy people doing the same:)

Book your Japan trip and have a great time

My 100 Best Moments in Japan

Yokohama Street Scene

I have visited Japan nearly every year since 2004. This is my collection of the 100 best moments in my favorite country. Enjoy the pictures and I hope you will start your own journey soon.
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Books about Japan

My recommended books about Japan

Reading books is a great source of inspiration for me. Check out my recommended list of books about the fascinating country Japan.
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