Ishigaki Island

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  • Ishigaki Island Beach Belongs To Okinawa Prefecture

  • Hirakubo Lighthouse Ishigaki Island

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Facts & Figures

Ishigaki Island belongs to the Yaeyama Islands of Okinawa. It is the second largest of the Yaeyama Islands and Ishigaki City is with a population of 45 000 the regional commercial and transportation hub. Ishigaki Islands cultur and traditions are influenced by Taiwan, which is just 300km away. The island is famous for Japan's finest beaches like Maezato and Fusaki. The emerald green waters of Kabira bay received in 2009 3 stars by the Michelin guide. Don't wait and discover this beautiful place on your own.

My tips for local activities

How about exploring the Miyara River on Ishigaki Island for 2 hours by kayak. Check out this page > for more details.


In 1972 the Iriomote National Park with Kuro, Iriomote, Kohama and Taketomi islands was founded. In 2007 Ishigaki Island was included to the now called Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park, which covers most of the island and surrounding waters (incl. Kabira Bay and Mount Omoto).


Map of Japan

Ishigaki Island is located in Okinawa Prefecture near the coast line of Taiwan (300km).

How to get to Ishigaki Island?

  • flights to Ishigaki Airport (ISG) from various airports in Japan

Sightseeing spots


Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park - the park is famous for the Iriomote Wild Cat, you can find this species only here

best beaches in Japan - Yonehara Beach, Sunset Beach, Sukuji Beach

Kabira Bay - simple beautiful, a must-see recommandation on your trip to the island

Kayak Tours - start your adventure at the Fukido River and Miyara River

Hirakubo Lighthouse - a great sightseeing spot at Ishigaki's northernmost point

Tamatorizaki Observation Point - enjoy the panorama view over Ibaruma Bay, Cape Tamatori and the northern part of the island

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Ishigakijima (Ishigaki Island) Marathon (end of January)
Are you ready to participate? The challenging course is attractive for runners from around the world.


Hari Taikai (Hari Boat Race) (4th)
The main attraction of this festival is the local fishermen race. They use traditional okinawan style boats, which are called Sabine (made from wood).


Orion Beer Festival (during July)
The sponsor of this huge festival is clear:) Enjoy the music, great fireworks and party with locals and visitors from all over the world in the Shinei Park, Ishigaki City.


Ishigaki Matsuri (Ishigaki Island Festival) (first Saturday and Sunday)
The largest matsuri (festival) in the island Ishigaki features a huge parade along city hall street with yaeyama dancing groups, eisa drums, marching bands and much more.

Where to stay in Ishigaki?

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