Isshin-ji Temple in Osaka

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  • Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Niomon Gate Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Guardians Niomon Gate Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Low Relief At Entrance Gate Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Hondo (Main Hall) Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Kaisan-Do (Memorial Hall) Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Kaisan-Do (Memorial Hall) Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

  • Buddha Statue Isshin-ji Temple, Osaka

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Facts & Figures

Isshin-ji is a Buddhist temple of the Jodo-shu (Pure Land Buddhism) school. Isshin-ji is known all over Japan as - temple of Buddha statues made of dead people's bones. Best Ryokans in Osaka Experience the Ultimate Japanese Hospitality at a Osaka Ryokan.
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Every 10 years such a statue (okotsu butsu) is formed from the ashes of thousands of people, who have past. The next will be created in 2017. This procedure, which started in 1887, seems a bit strange for people outside of Japan, but it is really a great honour for the followers of the Jodo-shu school to be so close to Buddha after someone died. Responsible for the modern design of the outstanding temple gate and Hiso-den building is the current head priest, who is also an architect.

  • Isshin-ji Temple:
  • Opening Hours - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Closed - never, open the whole year
  • Admission Fee - free

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In 1185 Isshin-ji was founded by Honen (1133 - 1212), a Pure Land Buddhist and religious reformer. During Ieyasu Tokugawa's siege on Osaka Castle (1614 - 1615) the famous shogun took up residence on the temple grounds for his temporary headquarters. The temple was completely destroyed during World War 2. In 1957 the first building of the temple complex, called Nokotsudo, was rebuilt. The modern main gate is dating back to 1997.


Map of Japan

Isshin-ji Temple is located near the Tennoji-ku Park in Osaka.
Address: 2-8−69 Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, 543-0062 Japan

How to get to Isshin-ji Temple?

  • 10min from Tennoji Station served by JR Loop Line

Sightseeing spots at the temple grounds


Temple Gate Entrance - This amazing gate was designed in 1997 by the current head priest.

Hiso-den building - The current head priest designed also this structure.

Festival & Events at Isshin-ji Temple (dates can change without notice)


Jizo Bon festival (23rd - 24th)
Jizo is the guardian deity of children and the festival is celebrated in his honour. Kids can play games on the temple grounds and there are a lots of sweets, toys and fun.

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