Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka

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  • Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka

    Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka

  • Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka

    Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka

  • Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka

    Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka

  • Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka

    Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka

  • Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka

    Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka

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Facts & Figures

The Tsutenkaku Tower (means Tower Reaching Heaven) is a popular landmark of the city of Osaka. The silver tower with an octagonal shape has a height of 103 meters and can be found in the Shinsekai area within the Naniwa Ward. The main observation deck (87,5 meters above ground) offers amazing views over the city. You will see for example the Abeno Harukas skyscraper, Tennoji Park, Tennoji Zoo, Osaka Bay, the Yodo River, and much more. The blueprint for the tower design was the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Best Ryokans in Osaka Explore Ryokans in Osaka >
Ryokans are the perfect way to discover old Japanese culture and traditions.
The illumination at night with the color-changing LED lights (depending on the season and weather) is an absolute highlight. For example, it will get a pink color during the cherry blossom season in March/April. Tsutenkaku has also the status of a tangible cultural property. In the last couple of years, the building got some upgrades like the new special outdoor observation platform in 2015 and the 60-meter tall Tower Slider in 2022. Thousands of visitors come here every year. Many of them plan to see the Billiken statue on the fifth floor (Golden Observatory).

  • Tsutenkaku Tower:
  • Opening Hours - 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (last entry 7:30 pm)
  • Closed - never, open the whole year
  • Admission Fee - 900 yen (High school students and older), 400 yen (Children older than 5)
  • Tsutenkaku Admission Ticket - You can buy this ticket here via our GetYourGuide partner.

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The original Tsutenkaku Tower was constructed in 1912 and connected via a cable car with the second Luna Park (amusement park) in Japan. The tower had a height of 64 meters and was at that time the second tallest in Asia. Due to a large fire in 1943, the tower had to be dismantled and its steel parts were used for the World War 2. The earthquake-resistant tower you see today was created in 1956 by the construction company Tsutenkaku Kanko. The famous architect Tachu Naito (1886 - 1970) who designed also the Tokyo Tower and Sapporo TV Tower, delivered the concept for Tsutenkaku. The company Hitachi, prominently featured on the outside, has been a sponsor of the tower since 1957.


Map of Japan

Tsutenkaku Tower is located in the heart of Shinsekai within the Naniwa Ward in Osaka.
Address: 1 Chome-18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0002

How to get to Tsutenkaku Tower?

  • 10min from Shin-Imamiya Station served by JR Osaka Loop Line or
  • 10min from Dobutsuen-mae Subway Station (Exit 5) served by Midosuji Line or
  • 3min from Ebisucho Subway Station (Exit 5) served by Sakaisuji Line

Sightseeing spots


Golden Observation Deck - Enjoy the amazing 360-degree view over the city 87,5 meters above the ground on the fifth floor.

Outdoor observation deck (Tenbo Paradise) - The outdoor deck 94.5 meters above the ground offers as a special highlight a see-through floor called Tip The Tsutenkaku. It has been open to the public since 2019 and nearly 300 people/day enjoy this adventure.

Fifth floor - Besides the observation decks the place houses also the mascot of Osaka with the name Billiken. The golden-colored deity with a big smile was designed in 1908 by American illustrator Florence Pretz. Btw when you touch the soles of Billiken feet it will bring good fortune.

Tower Slider - The thrilling tube ride features a spiral design that goes around the tower and lasts only 10 seconds from the top to the bottom. Trust me you will never forget this experience:)

Third floor - Here you can enjoy an exhibition about the history of the original tower (videos, pictures, and a diorama) and the Luna Amusement Park, which closed its doors in 1923.

Second level - Shop till you drop. Here you can buy merchandise related to the strong anime and manga character Kinnikuman created by Yudetamago.

Basement Theater - There are many events throughout the year. Come here if you are looking for some authentic Kansai entertainment.

Antenna shops - These shops typically focus on regional specialties (meibutsu) and can be found within the tower.

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Tenjin Matsuri Festival (24th till 25th)
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