Heijo Palace in Nara

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  • Heijo Palace In Nara

  • Heijo Palace In Nara

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Heijo Palace and the surrounding area (size: 1km x 1km) in Nara (Heijo) are a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 and belong to the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara". The former Imperial Palace served as the emperor's residence from 710 till 784 (Nara Period). Best Ryokans in NaraExplore Ryokans in Nara
Ryokans are the perfect way to discover old Japanese culture and traditions.

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After the decision was made in 784 to move the capital of Japan from Nara to Heian-kyo (now Kyoto) the decline of the Heijo Palace started. It took till the beginning of the Kamakura Period (1185–1333) that most of the palace buildings were destroyed. In recent years three major buildings were reconstructed. In 2010 the Former Audience Hall (Daigokuden) opened for the public. The largest building of the area was then used to celebrate the 1300th anniversary of the old capital Nara.


Map of Japan

Heijo Palace complex is located west of Nara's city center near Yamatokoriyama.

How to get to Heijo Palace?

  • 15min from Yamato-Saidaiji Station served by Kintetsu Line or
  • 20min from JR Nara Station
  • 15min from Kintetsu Nara Station
  • bus stops are Heijokyuseki, Sakicho or Nijocho

Sightseeing spots


Daigokuden (Former Audience Hall) - reconstructed in 2010, used for important ceremonies and meetings

Toin Teien (East Palace Garden) - the emporer and his family used this garden, enjoy the water streams, bridges and a pond

Suzakumon (Suzaku Gate) - reconstruction of the main entrance gate to the south of the Heijo Place

Nara Palace Site Museum - def. worth a visit, on display are models of the palace grounds, maps, artefacts etc...

Excavation Site Exhibition Hall - explore these open excavation sites

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Heijo-kyo Tenpyo-sai Natsu / Summer Night Festival (19th - 21st)
Enjoy parades with people wearing traditional costumes, fireworks, light installations, live music and food stands.

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