Isuien Garden in Nara

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  • Nara Isuien Garden Sanshutei Pavilion

  • Nara Isuien Garden Sanshutei Pavilion

  • Pond In The Nara Isuien Garden

  • Nara Isuien Garden

  • Path In The Nara Isuien Garden

  • Pond In The Nara Isuien Garden

  • Nara Isuien Garden

  • Path Through Isuien Garden Nara

  • Nara Isuien Garden

  • Moose In The Isuien Garden Nara

  • Nara Isuien Garden

  • Stream In The Isuien Garden Nara

  • Water Wheel In The Isuien Garden Nara

  • Nara Isuien Garden

  • Tea House Isuien Garden In Nara

  • Isuien Garden in Nara

  • Tea House Isuien Garden In Nara

  • Isuien Garden Information Board In Nara

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Facts & Figures

Isuien Garden is a beautiful Japanese Garden in Nara and covers an area of 13481 square meter. It is the only promenade or walking garden (kaiyushiki teien) in the city. Isuien stands for "garden founded on water". Best Ryokans in NaraExplore Ryokans in Nara
Ryokans are the perfect way to discover old Japanese culture and traditions.
The garden consists of two parts which were joined together. Isuien is the perfect example of the borrowed scenery style (shakkei). It uses the Todaiji Temple, Nandaimon Gate, Mount Wakasayama, Mount Kasugaokuyama, and Mount Mikasayama in the background to visually extent the garden.

  • Isuien Garden:
  • Opening Hours - 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Closed - Tuesdays, Obon holidays, New Year Holidays
  • Admission Fee - 650 yen (Adults)


Michikiyo Kiyosumi, a wealthy tanner, bought the front garden property in 1670 (Enpo era) and redesigned the place. In 1899, during the Meiji era, the rear part of the Isuien Garden was completed. The garden was designed by Yumyosai (head of Urasenke school) on behalf of Tojiro Seki (rich merchant from Nara). In 1939 Jyunsaku Nakamura bought both properties and combined them.


Map of Japan

Isuien Garden is located in central Nara near the Kofukuji and Todaiji Temple.
Address: 74 Suimon-cho, Nara

How to get to Isuien Garden?

  • 15min from Kintetsu Nara Station served by Nara and Kyoto Line
  • 10min from Kofukuji and Todaiji Temple
  • 5min from JR Nara Station by bus to Oshiagecho stop

Sightseeing spots


Sanshutei and Teishuken - two beautiful pavilions with thatched roofs

garden scenery - this place is full of nicely designed walking paths, ponds, beautiful moss carpets and bonsais

Neiraku Art Museum - on display are Japanese, Korean and Chinese ceramics

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)


Omizutori Festival (1st - 14th)
This Japanese Buddhist festival dates back 1000 years. Priests at the Todaiji Temple perform rituals (called Shuni-e) for 14 days. They pray for world peace, rich harvest and confess their sins. A very special event during these 14 days is Otaimatsu. Priests running with huge pine torches through corridors of the Nigatsu-do Hall. It is said that if you get hit by these fire sparks no evil thing will harm you. Dont miss out the Omizutori ceremony on the 13th of March. Water is being collected by priests infront of the Todaiji Temple. It is believed this water has the power to cure diseases.


Toka-ye Lantern Festival (5th - 14th)
Thousands of candles are lit everywhere in Nara between 7:00 pm and 9:45 pm. Enjoy this special atmosphere in the Nara Park, temples and gardens.

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