Hashima Island (Gunkanjima)

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  • Hashima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture

  • Hashima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture

  • Hashima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture

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Facts & Figures

Hashima Island is a 61000 square meters island near Nagasaki (15km away). It is one of 505 uninhabited islands which belong to the Nagasaki Prefecture. Local people call the island Gunkanjima (Battleship Island), because of its similar shape compared to the Japanese battleship Tosa. Mitsubishi company was running there for many years a very successful coal mining business. Till 1974 Hashima was with 5259 inhabitants (population density of 83500 people per square km) one of the most populated places on earth. After the rise of petroleum use in Japan, the coal mine had to shut down and everyone left this place. The remaining ghost town is now a popular tourist destination and even the James Bond movie Skyfall is featuring some scenes of the island Hashima. The Japanese Government, among other supporters, applied for the island to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage list in the future.


The coal mining business at Hashima Island lasted from 1887 to 1974. In 1890 Mitsubishi company bought the island and started extracting coal from undersea mines. Since 2009 the island is open again for visitors. Not every part is accessible, but it is definitely worth a visit and a unique experience.


Map of Japan

Hashima Island is located in Nagasaki Prefecture at the South West coast of Japan about 15 km from the city Nagasaki.

How to get to Hashima Island?

  • 50min from Nagasaki Port to Gunkanjima served by Yamasa Kaiun

Sightseeing spots


Observation platforms - during your stay/guided tour at the island there are 3 observation platforms, you have enough time there for some great pictures

Sightseeing boat trips - besides accessing the island directly 5 companies offer also tours around the island: Kyodo Co. from Nomo Island and Gunkanjima Cruise Co., Ltd., Gunkanjima Concierge, Yamasa-Kaiun from Nagasaki Port

Festival & Events (dates can change without notice)

Where to stay in Nagasaki?

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