Kyoto Street Scenes

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  • Kyoto Street Scenes 2016

  • Crowded Street At Night

  • Gion-kaku Tower in Higashiyama

  • House With Flowers:)

  • Buses For Tourists Are Everywhere

  • Near Minamiza Kabuki Theatre

  • Love This Car

  • Cherry Tree With Siren

  • Cherry Blossom, Happy People Along Kamo River

  • Hanami, Maruyama Park At Night

  • Gion District, Newlywed Couple

Some thoughts

Every time I visit Kyoto I discover something new. It is my favourite place in Japan. The sheer number of sightseeing spots in Kyoto is mind-boggling. The city is also changing a lot through the seasons. I have been there during cherry blossom season, autumn and winter.

My 100 Best Moments in Japan

Train ride from Osaka to Kyoto

I am visiting Japan nearly every year since 2004. This is my collection of the 100 best moments in my favourite country. Enjoy the pictures and I hope you will start your own journey soon.
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